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startupAFRICA Media (Pty) Ltd is a full-service marketing and communications media house that specializes in ATL and BTL advertising to drive communication within organizations and to their customers, assisting brands to obtain rich customer relationships, brand awareness and return on investment. 

Corporate everyday language is almost foreign to the rest of the world, their communication efforts are subject to heavy compliance regulations and bureaucrat, startupAFRICA Media creatives can grasp real motivations and emotional drivers behind consumers behavior. Allowing brands to have to have effective messaging.

We have a passion for helping brands grow and become profitable using tailor made bespoke creative marketing strategies.

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Services we have to offer.

Marketing Strategy Development

While you’re focused on running your business, we work on making your business a discoverable one. Whether we write optimized content, research keywords to increase rankings, create a brand-new site, build valuable backlinks, or maintain your social media presence (there’s more—just ask), all our efforts are based on a dynamic strategy.

Web development & design

Your website is your business’s face to the world. It is your first impression to your customers. Naturally, many companies come to us and say that the priority of their new site is design and UX. If your business has the same mentality, talk to us because we’d like to help.

PR and Communications

Every client is unique, and every client’s needs are specific. We take the time to get to know our customers, and pinpoint strengths and advantages to sharpen and focus their reputations and how they are perceived. Our strategies are tailored to each client’s particular business objectives: our start-up often need coverage to launch their company and new products, to develop brand awareness, while our established clients might wish to sustain and extend their existing marketing messages.

Media planning and buying

Media planning and media buying represent two crucial stages of a cohesive advertising strategy. For your ads to succeed, you need to (a) have a plan for reaching your ideal customers and (b) optimize your budget to ensure that you’re putting money in the right channels to grow your business. Way too many agencies waste their clients’ money and take shortcuts when it comes to planning ad campaigns. Twelve Three Media is different. We manage every aspect of advertising to make sure all of your campaigns deliver maximum results in the most cost-efficient way possible.

Radio and television Advertising

Traditional TV and Radio advertising is an effective branding method to reach a wide audience in your market. Your business can create a memorable image of your business through creative messaging in your TV or Radio commercial and strategic advertising placement. Commercial advertising is an effective and relatively low-cost solution for growing businesses who want to reach the masses. Keep your customers up to date by publicly announcing important information or messages or create a memorable image of your business through creative branding and strategic ad placement. And if increasing foot traffic to your location is a goal for your business, consider the benefits of television and radio commercials.

Social Media Marketing

Grow Your ROI With Custom Social Media Marketing Services Improve engagement, customer retention, and even sales with our social media marketing services. Get a customized solution that includes social media management, full-funnel ROI tracking, and more with our social media service plans. Request a proposal now to receive a flight plan, strategy, and pricing!

Brand Management

Purchasing decisions of your consumers are greatly influenced by your brand value. Your brand needs to not only differentiate you but also cut through the noise and offer a consistent experience to your consumers at all touchpoints. Our Brand Management Services help your brand to do one thing consistently: shine through. We help build a positive perception of your brand and get the messaging to communicate the USP effectively to your intended audience. We have the expertise in reimagining your brand’s visual representation, experience, voice, and impact.

Influencer Marketing and Management

Elevate your brand with influencer relationship management. Let's discuss your influencer marketing goals and build influencer lists of social media personalities who are the best match for your brand. Our team will create custom messaging tailored to each influencer, ensuring that the influencer marketing campaign aligns with your specific goals. We'll build and manage each influencer partnership and track results as they spread the word about your products on their social media platforms to your target audiences.

Best Value

For your business

Our solutions are always built on a thorough and frank assessment of the client’s internal resources and capacities in marketing and communication. Our strategies include ways to leverage the strengths and overcome weaknesses we identify within organizations.