Zoho Partners with StartupSouth to Empower Nigerian Startups.

Global technology company Zoho announced 50% growth in Nigeria in 2022. The company also partnered with StartupSouth, an organisation supporting startups in southern Nigeria, through Zoho’s startup program.

Additionally, Zoho is offering its contract management solution, Zoho Contracts, free for three months to help businesses comply with Nigeria’s new data protection law. These announcements were made during Zoho’s annual Zoholics Nigeria user conference in Lagos.

“Our growth results from Nigerian businesses adopting cloud and unified platforms to digitally transform and build resilience,” said Ali Shabdar, Zoho’s Regional Director for Middle East and Africa.

The top products driving Zoho’s Nigerian growth are the Zoho One business operating system, Zoho Workplace collaboration platform, Zoho CRM customer experience software, Zoho Books accounting and Zoho Desk helpdesk.

Zoho grew its Nigerian partner network by 22% and doubled its employee count in 2022 to reinforce its local presence and customer service. The company also provides solutions in Naira to ensure affordable access for Nigerian businesses.

Through Zoho’s startup program, associated StartupSouth startups get ₦470,000 in Zoho Wallet credits. This can purchase or upgrade any of Zoho’s 55+ products, including Zoho One, over 360 days. Startups also receive training on leveraging Zoho’s products.

“We’re happy to partner with Zoho to provide startups unified solutions to digitize and streamline operations for better management,” said StartupSouth’s Uche Aniche.

Nigeria’s new data protection law mandates contracts include data security and breach notification provisions. Non-compliance risks fines of up to ₦10 million.

Zoho Contracts helps create compliant templates, identify non-compliant existing contracts, anonymise data and monitor obligations. This assists Nigerian businesses in avoiding violations as the new law takes effect.

Zoho’s Nigerian growth and partnerships demonstrate its commitment to strengthening regional business communities through accessible, unified platforms. Offering free tools and resources helps businesses build resilience amidst challenging conditions.


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